I can see a rainbow…….

On Tuesday myself and the children in school made some rainbow mobiles to try and spread some happiness during this unusual time.

We coloured in our rainbows and then found some positive quotes to help cheer people up.

Mrs Day and Mrs Ainscough were so impressed that they asked if we could hang them in the front of school so that parents could see them when collecting and dropping off their children.

What do you think of our mobiles?



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Keep Smiling!

Yesterday, some of the Oxford Grove pupils spent the day writing letters and decorating mobiles to send to two local care homes.

This idea came to our school when we were thinking of the elderly people who were unable to see their loved ones during this time.

Our amazing, hard working children worked throughout the day to write letters telling the residents about how hard their parents and carers are working, telling jokes to make them smile, and asking questions to find out more about them.

We are hoping that our letters have put a huge smile on their faces and we can’t wait for a reply from our new pen pals! 🙂

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School Closure

Please see your child’s class blogs for tasks set by the teachers for every day this week. Tasks include our online resources, writing activities to complete in their exercise books and activities to complete in their workbooks. All of the exercise books, work books and logins can be found in your child’s work pack.

Please leave some comments to tell us how you have been getting on!

If you would like any more activities to do with your child, please visit out Further Home Learning page in the Learning Links section of our webpage.

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Football Competition

Last week, some children in year 3 and year 4 represented Oxford Grove in a football competition. We were very impressed with the football team who came 2nd out of 6 schools!

Well done to the football team!

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Computing Competition

Before half term we had a competition about being safe on line, to celebrate Safer Internet Day. We had to create a video about online safety. Here are the winners from year 2. They have earned a very exciting ICT workshop for their class.

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International Women’s Day

Today we enjoyed an amazing assembly from Mrs Allen all about International Women’s Day.

We learned that, in the past, women have not always been treated properly and sometimes have not been allowed to do the same things as men.

At Oxford Grove, we believe that everyone is equal and should be treated equally. We are glad that women are treated much more equally in our world today, and we have talked about ways that we can make sure that everyone is treated equally all the time.

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Football Competition 5.3.20

Some of our very talented Year 3 and 4 children were given the opportunity to take part in a football competition against 6 different schools! The boys did amazingly and we came second !!!!!!

Thank you to all our parents and staff who supported this and the children will be congratulated with their medals and certificates on Monday in a whole school celebration assembly/ with their other class friends!

More competitions are currently being booked so keep your eyes open if you are interested in them 🙂

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Information on COVID-19

Please click the button to view current guidance from the Department of Education in conjunction with Public Health England on COVID-19.

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Fun Food Chef

This week, the Fun Food Chef has been visiting Oxford Grove!

Reception, Year 2 and Year 3 children took part in cooking workshops. They practised skills like cutting and mixing whilst ensuring they were observing good food safety and hygiene.

Some Year 3 children entered a competition to win an extra session with the chef. The task was to design and make a model of their house over half term. We had some fantastic entries.

Take a look at our pictures!


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Safer Internet Day!

This morning we had a whole school assembly all about being safe online. We revisited our knowledge on setting all our privacy settings to high, telling an adult if we see something online that we don’t like, not sharing personal details online or any personal pictures. We also reminded ourselves that not everything on the internet is true!

Then, we looked at our identity online and what this means. We can still keep safe online by not putting our personal picture as our avatar, choosing a username that doesn’t include our name and not writing personal information about ourselves or our friends online. Finally we reminded ourselves that we need to talk to a trusted adult about if we don’t feel safe online!

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Anti-bullying assembly

Our fabulous school council members delivered an assembly to us this morning all about anti-bullying and what it is! We learned what bullying actually means and why it doesn’t happen at Oxford Grove. They told us about different types of bullying and how we can prevent it from happening. Well done school council!

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A Life

This week, the whole school has enjoyed healthy lifestyle and fitness workshops with A Life!

Everybody got to look at a range of activities about how to have a healthy lifestyle. We learned about eating healthily, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, keeping our bodies healthy and where our food comes from.

We also enjoyed fun fitness and exercise workshops. We learned lots of different ways we can get fit and keep our bodies moving.




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KS2 Music Assembly

We were very lucky to have a second musical treat this week! Mrs Hudson, Mr Bamford and Mr Dunkley led the Key Stage 2 children in a fantastic music performance.


Mrs Hudson’s KS2 choir sang some beautiful songs, including ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Wake Me Up’.


Mr Bamford’s djembe drummers performed some call and response songs.


Mr Dunkley’s brass players played some Christmas songs, including his group who have extra lessons.

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Mr Martin’s Magic Music Assembly

Today, we have enjoyed a fantastic assembly from Mr Martin’s amazing music groups!

The KS1 choir performed a calypso in a group and with some duet singers, using musical instruments and singing in a round.

The KS2 group performed a Ghanian welcome song. Each child sang a solo and we even had some excellent beatboxing!

The boys’ choir sang a medley of Beatles’ songs, and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. They were absolutely amazing!

We were all so impressed with their fabulous effort, learning these songs just over this half term!

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Christmas Assembly

We really enjoyed learning all about the story of Christmas today in assembly!

Year 2- 6 learnt about why Christians celebrate Christmas and the importance the day has for all.

We hope that all those celebrating have a lovely Christmas!





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KS1 Christmas Show

This week we performed our Christmas Show.

We have done lots of practise saying our lines, learning the words to the songs, and remembering when to get on and off the stage!

The staff are all very proud of the children – we think both their performances were fantastic and that they have all worked extremely hard!

A special thank you to all the children who took the time to come back and perform in the evening show, you all did amazing!



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Science Workshops

We were all incredibly lucky today to take part in some exciting Science workshops!

Years 1-5 enjoyed watching lots of different fun experiments and investigations, including how to make ketchup float and how to make a ruler spin faster. 

At the end of the workshops, we got to watch a homemade rocket blast off in our school hall!

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Railway Safety

In Road Safety Week, we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe when we are around the roads.

This week, Years 1-6 had an assembly all about keeping safe around railways. We learned that the railway tracks are very dangerous because there is lots of electricity and the trains are so fast. We always need to keep away from railway tracks, even if we can’t see a train.

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Non-Uniform Day

Just a reminder, Friday 22nd November will be a non-uniform day at Oxford Grove.

This will be to raise money for our chosen homelessness charity.

Please bring a minimum of ÂŁ1.

Thank you from Oxford Grove School Council

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Aldi Kit for Schools competition

Thank you so much to all of the children, staff and families that have contributed stickers to our Aldi Kit for Schools poster.

We have collected over 300 stickers to fill our poster, which is absolutely amazing! The School Sports Crew have created a way that we will create a lasting healthy legacy at Oxford Grove, but we will have to wait and see if we are one of the fortunate schools to be chosen to win ÂŁ20,000!

Please keep your fingers crossed for us and once again thank you so much!


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Harvest thanks

Thank you again to all our amazing families who contributed to our Harvest collection this year. We have received a letter of thanks from the Destitution Project in Bolton, who received our Harvest gifts.

Dear Miss Harvey, staff and children,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Harvest collection you made for Destitution Project.

Our shelves were bare last month and we were having to buy in some of our essentials which meant money could not be spent elsewhere helping our service users. However, the shelves are now almost full again, thanks to you and generosity of your parents. Now, if someone doesn’t have a coat for winter, we can scour the charity shops or a cheap shop in town to get them something warm and dry without having to think of spending that money on food.

We really are very grateful. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Kath Webster (Treasurer, Destitution project)

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Our school’s local PCSO.

Today PCSO Jonny visited our school to talk to us about being safe during the Bonfire period. He talked us about rules we need to follow and how we should behave to ensure our safety.

He also spoke to us about how we should keep safe online.

What did you learn from this assembly.

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School Council are selling poppies and other poppy items, such as poppy zip pulls and poppy wristbands.

Please see the children outside school to get your poppies. All money raised will be donated to the British Legion.

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Harvest at Oxford Grove

Today, we had a whole school assembly to celebrate Harvest. Mrs Bain explained that Harvest is the celebration of food grown from the land. We talked about why it is important and how we celebrate it.

Mrs Bain demonstrated making a pizza with the children and explored where all the different ingredients came from. We discovered that some foods travel thousands of miles to get to the UK.

Nowadays, most churches have a Harvest Thanksgiving service. They celebrate this day by singing, praying and decorating their churches with baskets of fruit and food. Harvest Festival reminds Christians of all the good things God gives them. This makes them want to share with others who are not so fortunate. In schools and in Churches, people bring food from home to a Harvest Festival Service. a

As a school, we have collected different foods to share with people who may need some help. We would like to say a massive thank you to all who have donated to our Harvest at Oxford Grove. The food will be distributed to those in need.

Once again, thank you for all the help and support from parents.

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Apply for a secondary school place

Thank you to all parents who attended our Year 6 SATs and transition meeting.

Please follow the link to apply for a secondary school place for your child: https://www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions/secondary-school-places

Please click the links below to access the September 2020 secondary school admissions letter and booklet:




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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to all our Oxford Grove families!

We hope you have had a lovely summer, and we are looking forward to another action-packed school year. Thank you to all those who attended our annual ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings tonight.

Please remember that dates for this half term are available on the website Calendar.

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Congratulations to the winners of our road safety poster competition who have received the prizes that they have chosen from Argos.


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Summer Holidays

Please click the picture to visit the Community Links page on our school website for information about play sessions and free meals in North Bolton over the Summer holidays.

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Road Safety Week

Next week is Road Safety Week! Help us to keep the roads a safe place for us to be!

Thank you from Oxford Grove School Council


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