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School Council wreaths

Last week, the School Council enjoyed an art workshop, where they were taught how to create a Christmas wreath. They learned how to weave thin willow branches to create a 3D circle, and then decorated this with a range of fresh and festive foliage.

This week, Mr Kelly and members of the School Council delivered the wreaths to members of our local community.

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NHS Assembly

Our Year 6 children have recently took on a very special project to support our NHS. Within our PSHRE lessons, we have been learning about WHY our NHS is so important to us and HOW we should use this service correctly. Please watch this informative video to provide you with all the information we have learnt during this project and to hopefully support you to understand which services you can use when needed.

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Inspirational Figures – History Competition

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in the History competition I have ran for black history month. I have seen some AMAZING work in all different forms (videos, posters, biographies, booklets, PowerPoints, dances, songs). You have all done the most amazing job with researching different inspirational people and I have been so, so impressed! A massive WELL DONE from me and here are just some of the fabulous entries:

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History Competition!

This week the OG historians at Oxford Grove have launched a competition! This competition is about famous, inspirational, people from the past. In October it is black history month and we learn all about why black people have not always been treated fairly due to the colour of their skin. This competition is designed for you to create your own research project where you need to research a person of your choice and either create a PowerPoint, design a poster, write a biography, create a dramatic scene, write a song about your chosen person. It would be fabulous if you could link your chosen person to your culture!

The deadline is the 30th of October and you could be in for a chance to win £50 to spend at Argos! Good luck 🙂

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Naace Mark

Well done to all of the Oxford Grove family for working together to have the Naace Mark renewed! This award recognises our excellence in using technology for teaching and learning, and effective communication.

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Google Online Safety Assembly

We have been so lucky today to take part in a live Online Safety assembly for our school, led by Google Education! We talked about lots of different ways to keep safe online, including keeping personal information and passwords private, how to report content we are unhappy with online, and how to check if information or news online is real.

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New restrictions in Bolton

Further restrictions have been announced for Bolton, but this DOES NOT affect school opening.

Oxford Grove remains open as usual.

Please see below a letter from the Director of Public Health Bolton:

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Welcome Back!

We are so happy to welcome back our amazing Oxford Grove family!

The children have been amazing today, and we are very proud of how well they are adapting to new routines within school.

Please click the button below to be directed to our School Re-Opening Information page, which can also be found on our website homepage.

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Goodbye from the KS2 Bubble!

In our bubble, we have enjoyed doing our school work and afternoon activities! We really appreciate all that Miss Harvey, Miss Stockton, Mrs Day and the rest of the teachers have done for us. We all hope that each of you stay safe and take care of your selves.

Remember to keep smiling and get some well deserved rest.We can’t wait to see you all when we go into the new academic year.

From the KS2 Bubble x

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Picasso (KS2 Bubble)

This week we have been looking at interesting artists. We loved looking at Pablo Picasso’s different art work.

We learnt that Pablo Picasso grew up in Spain where he was born on October 25, 1881. His father was a painter and art teacher. Pablo liked to draw from an early age. Legend has it that his first word was “piz”, short for “pencil” in Spanish. It soon became apparent that Pablo had little interest in school, but was an extremely talented artist.

When he was fourteen Pablo attended a famous art school in Barcelona. A few years later he went to another school in Madrid. However, Pablo was bored with the classic teachings of art school. He didn’t want to paint like people hundreds of years ago. He wanted to create something new.

We studied the different ways Picasso created art and used his techniques to make our own Picasso inspired art! Can you draw like Picasso?

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Summer Reading Challenge

Why not take part in the Summer Reading Challenge?

You can sign up online (it’s FREE) and choose your avatar. You can add the books you have read online, and earn badges and points every time you add a book that you have read.

You can even play games – what’s not to like?!

Click the picture above to visit the Summer Reading Challenge website!


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The Faraway Tree

This week in our KS2 bubble, we have been reading ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’.

In this book there is a group of children who have discovered a tree in the Enchanted Forest which is magical! On top of the tree and through the clouds, there is always a different land to be discovered. 

In the afternoon, the children created their own land that they thought would be at the top of the Faraway tree if they climbed it. We had a lot of different ideas such as Volcano land and Ice Land! 

What land might you discover on top of the Faraway tree? Could you think of any adventures you could get up to discovering your land?



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Mini Van Gogh’s in the making!!!

Van Gogh’s paintings of Sunflowers are among his most famous. He did them in Arles, in the south of France, in 1888 and 1889. Vincent painted a total of five large canvases with sunflowers in a vase, with three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’. In this way, he demonstrated that it was possible to create an image with numerous variations of a single colour.

The sunflower paintings had a special significance for Van Gogh as he wrote that they communicated ‘gratitude’.

We spoke about the different tools that we use today and what they might have used in the past. We used cotton buds and paint to help us recreate the famous painting. What do you think?

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Spooky Writing!

This week, Year 5/6 were asked to write a descriptive piece of writing about a spooky setting. We started the week by thinking of some amazing adjectives, then we thought about our 5 senses, we then thought of some brilliant similes, metaphors and personification and turned all of these into one brilliant description. Take a look at some of our writing:


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Children’s Art Week – Week One

This week the KS1 Key Worker pod have been looking at art in the natural world.

We have really enjoyed learning how to draw different animals with the help of some tutorials on youtube.

We also explored the art form of pointillism which involves creating images by drawing small coloured dots. It takes a lot of patience but I think you will agree that the end result is beautiful!

I am so impressed with the art work our pod has produced and proud that all of the children had a go even if they thought they couldn’t draw. We have had a lot of fun this week and we are excited to continue working our art next week.

Can you draw any animals?

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Art (KS2 Bubble)



As our focus this week is art, the children have enjoyed creating different pictures and being creative. Today, we looked at different and effective ways that we can paint pictures. Some of the children decided that using bright colours created the most effective painting. Other children challenged their selves and were able to follow pointillism as a method of paining. Both methods of painting showed to be very effective and made the pictures look very beautiful. Well done to the KS2 bubble for working so hard!

What artistic method would you prefer to use when painting and why?

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Children’s Art Week (KS2 Group)

Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education.  In 2020, Children’s Art Week will take place online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. The week normally focus’ on a special theme. 

This week the children in school have been looking at mosaics and reading the history behind them. We really enjoyed creating our own- we got really creative! At home some children have also been getting creative and drawing their amazing pieces of art.

(Well done Alfie and Joseph!)

Post a picture on the blog or send a picture of  your art work  to your teacher on TEAMS. I would love to see what art you have all been doing!

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Taking Part in Sports (KS2 Key Worker Group)

The annual National School Sport Week campaign takes place in the last week of June every year to celebrate the important role of Physical Education and school sport in enhancing young people’s well being. There are a lot of different things that you could do at home to take part in National School Sport Week to help you keep fit and healthy. In school we have enjoyed trying to keep fit and exercising. 

These are some different games you can play at home:

• Quick Start – How fast can you react from different starting positions to sprint a set distance

• Speed bounce – this will certainly get your heart racing. How many times can you jump side to side in 60 seconds?

• Right Way Wrong Way – in 60 seconds, can you challenge someone to turn everything the right way, as you turn everything the wrong way? You could play this in teams, or as a relay.

Comment below or tell your teacher on TEAMS how you have been taking part in National School Sports week.

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Teacher Tuesday

Today the KS1 key worker group have been very busy!

We learnt about different sports day’s from around the country and talked about the different races that we might take part in.

Then they were challenged to create a race for the teachers of Oxford Grove.

They have worked really hard to draw their races.

What do you think?

Can you design a race for the teachers?

This afternoon we enjoyed some relaxing yoga whilst listening to the story of Tiny the T-Rex from Cosmic Kids.

What different ways do you relax?

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Picnic Lunches- National Picnic Day (KS2 Key Worker Group)

What better way to spend a lazy summers afternoon then in a lovely location with the family, playing games and tucking in to a picnic.

This week is national picnic week and in KS2 we have enjoyed getting involved! We took our lunch outside and spoke about the importance of getting fresh air and spending time with loved ones.

Have you been on a picnic?

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Busy Bees!

I hope you are all having fun getting active for National School Sports Week!

The KS1 Key Worker children had a really exciting morning!

We began our school sports challenge with a zoom call with England Netball!

We took part in their ‘Bee Together’ netball skill session.

We worked on our balance as well as ball control skills.

What have you done to challenge yourselves?

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All About Neil Armstrong

Today we have been researching all about Neil Armstrong following on from our Solar System work yesterday. We have explored lots of interesting facts and recorded our findings in a poster all about Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong


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National School Sports Week

This Saturday is the official launch of National School Sports Week 2020.

At Oxford Grove we believe that all young people deserve to enjoy the life-changing benefits that come from physical activity and sport. That’s why this year, we’re asking our pupils and their families to take part in National School Sport Week at home while we join in at school.

You can do this in a variety of ways, such as;

  • Trying a new skill/ sport (Yoga, gymnastics, football)
  • Having a family work out (Joe Wicks, Yoga, Just Dance)
  • Taking part in physical activity every day for the whole week
  • Challenge yourself to complete a trick as many times as possible (such as 100 kick ups) 

The key worker children in school will be taking part in lots of different activities.

If you take part in this challenge please get your adults to send pictures to so we can make a video showing the world how Oxford Grove have been keeping fit whilst at home!


I look forward to seeing what everyone gets up to!

Miss Makin

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Today the KS1 Key Worker group had a lovely morning learning all about kindness.

We watched a very special online assembly that was led by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge who explained the importance of being kind everyday but especially during these strange times.

She also explained that if we are ever feeling sad, anxious or worried then we should talk to someone because they might be able to help us and she also explained that it is good to talk about how we are feeling.

We then had a discussion about how we can be kind at home and at school.

Then the key worker children were set a challenge to do something nice everyday for the rest of the week both at home and at school.

Can you think of some other ways we can be kind or show kindness to other people?

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To infinity and beyond!

In our group we love everything to do with space! Today in KS2, we looked at our solar system. We were interested in what our solar system looks like and the planets that are in it. Our year 5 and 6 key worker children were experts in this and were able to teach us everything that they have previously learnt about space! After we learnt about the topic, we then created art linking to our knowledge of the solar system.

One of our favourite videos to watch in the launch of Space X! You can also watch it here:

What is the most interesting fact you know about space?

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British Values

This afternoon we discussed the importance and the impact of the 5 British Values. The children designed a handprint for our diversity display incorporating the British Values into their design.

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National School Grounds Day

Every year schools across the UK celebrate National School Grounds Week. This year, the week begins on the 10th June through to the 14th! It’s a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the amazing school grounds we have at Oxford Grove! 

Today in KS2, we went outdoors to explore our own school grounds and looked at the different equipment that we have. Then we discussed what we would have in our own playgrounds if we could design one.

What would you have in your school grounds if you could design one?

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Our homes and families

After completing their online learning this morning, the KS1 key worker children looked at different families around the world.

We watched a video that explained all of the different kinds of families that exist.

After this we looked at who lived in our houses with us and who we had in our families. Everybody’s family was different! But we all said that it doesn’t matter what our family looks like because we all love each other.

Then we drew a picture of our house and family.

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Oceans Day

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AD33EA4E-DDC4-4BDA-8637-D3BF49303C3E-768x1024.jpeg

World Oceans Day is an international day that takes place on the 8th of June every year. To celebrate this day, we learnt about the different zone of the ocean and what different animals live in these different zones. Then we watched a video about the animals and plants that inhabit the ocean.

We also got creative and made our own ocean scene!

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After the children in KS2 had completed the work set by their teachers today, we had a chat about kindness towards other people. The children were particularly interested in how to make sure that people of all different backgrounds and skin colours felt equal and included.

We talked about Martin Luther King Jr.’s work on civil rights and the achievements he made in this area. We discussed his dream of equal rights for people of all skin colours and thought about what our own dreams for the future would be.

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How do you feel?

This morning the key worker children completed their online learning tasks set by their teachers.

This afternoon, we looked at different emotions that we might feel. After we looked at some pictures we drew different emotions on to faces.

Then we looked at all of the different things that make us feel happy such as playing with our brothers and sisters, movie nights with our family and helping our grown ups make some yummy treats at home.

Then we had some fun and made our own emoji’s!

Remember it is important to tell people how you are feeling.

Stay safe 🙂

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World Ocean Day and A Very Special treat

Today we learnt about the oceans on our planet. We talked about the different temperatures and animals that live in the sea.

We labelled the different oceans around the world on a map.

After this we created our very own worry monsters! We will tell our monsters any worries we may have or things that make us feel sad during these strange times.

Why do you try and make your own worry monster?

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Project update

Today our key worker children have been busy working on our new project.

We spent the morning thinking about all the wonderful people who have helped us during these tricky times. We all chose one job that we were most thankful for and wrote a paragraph to explain our choices.

We then made our own mask to represent that job including lots of key photos that relate to the job.

In the afternoon we painted our paper mache project as a rainbow.

Which key worker are you most thankful for and why?


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Rory and Charlie’s adventures (Pt 2)

Today Rory and Charlie wanted to get messy!

They have helped the key worker making paper mache.

Instead of wetting the newspaper and sticking it down, they threw it on each other!

Stay tuned to see what else they get up to!


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Today the key worker children have had a very busy day.

We began by researching how to make paper mache.

Once we knew how to do this we wrote our own set of instructions which were proof read by our friends. 
After lunch, Miss Makin and Miss Harrison mixed up everyone’s instructions so they had a different set to follow.

We worked really hard to make our paste and then create the base of our new project.

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Rory and Charlie’s Adventures (Pt 1)

Rory and Charlie have been very lonely since our school had to close. 

So Miss Harvey and Mrs Day told them that they could explore Oxford Grove as long as they behaved!

Today they have sailed far away on Reception’s Pirate Ship to explore the sea!

They spent most of the day looking at all the different types of fish and coral!

Can you guess the different types of fish they saw?

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National Thank a Teacher Day

Thanks to all our super teachers, TAs and every member of our fantastic staff, from our amazing children!

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Educational Psychology Newsletter

Click to view our latest newsletter from the Educational Psychology Service, with tips and advice on playing and having fun during lockdown:

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IQM Flagship Status

Check out our latest IQM assessment report from January 2020:

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Educational Psychology Newsletter

The latest newsletter from Bolton’s Educational Psychology Service contains lots of information about how to talk to your child about coronavirus in an age appropriate way. Please click the picture to view the newsletter.

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Celebrating VE Day

This year, on Friday the 8th of May, the whole of the United Kingdom will be celebrating VE day (Victory in Europe Day).

But what is VE day?

VE day marks the official end of WW2 – it was the day which the allies announced that Germany had surrendered meaning they had won the war! This happened on Tuesday 8th May 1945 which was 75 years ago! So we are celebrating 75 years since Britain officially won the war!

Remembering the War and the heroes that fought for us is incredibly important as so many people sacrificed so much for all of us…

In year 6 we learn all about WW2 – which is something to look forward to learning about!!

Bolton Museum 

Bolton library and museum are asking people to celebrate VE day in all sorts of different ways online whilst staying safe at home:

They’ve come up with lots of different ideas daily that you could do! You can even send in your journal/ diary entries or pictures of your lockdown experience so that in years to come future generations can see what your lives were like.

Please go to for more information!

Home Learning Packs

Another fab resource which you can use are these home learning packs which has even more fab activities:

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What a busy week!

We had a very busy week last week!

Every morning the key worker children have completed their online learning tasks set by their teachers.

In the afternoon’s we have been busy working on some crafts to thank all of our key workers. We have displayed our work in the windows at the side of school so people walking past can see our messages of thanks.

We were also extremely lucky to listen to a podcast from FUNDA (our sports coaches). They had an interview with Marc Pugh who currently plays for Queen’s Park Rangers and were discussing having a positive mental attitude and keeping active during these times.

Our children submitted questions which Marc actually answered! They were really excited to have their questions answered by a professional footballer.

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Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s time to work, let’s go!

We have been very busy this morning working through our online learning tasks.

Every morning the key worker children come into school and spend the morning working through the tasks your teachers have been setting on your class blogs.

We have had lots of fun learning about Ramadan, volcanoes, mini beasts, people who help us and have been working hard with our Maths and English.

We hope our friends are staying safe and having lots of fun completing their work.


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Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Today is Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday.

She is now 94 years old! This means that she is the longest reigning British Monarch as well as the oldest Monarch we have had!

The key-worker children have created a video to wish her a Happy Birthday.

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Thank you from Oxford Grove!

Today, we worked really hard creating a rainbow from paper chains to show how thankful we are to all the NHS staff and key workers! We hope that everyone is staying safe at home and looking after themselves.

Thank you to everyone who is working so hard at the moment to protect and help us at this time.

Take a look at our new sign!



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Our latest newsletter is now available for you to read. Click the picture above to view.

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Something to make you smile

Please see below a poem written by Mrs Day for all of our Oxford Grove family as well as the members of our local community.

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Thank you so much……..

Thank you so much to the staff at Morrison’s at Atlas Mill.

We have loved our Easter eggs and had lots of fun decorating our cakes!

All of the staff that are in school are really happy with their treats too!

We have also been staying healthy by eating the fruit you gave us during our break times and staying hydrated with the bottles of water.

We hope everyone at Morrison’s stays safe and thank you again.

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Thank you, Morrisons!

We were so lucky today to get a special delivery from Morrisons!

Our local Morrisons at Atlas Mills have brought our keyworker children some special treats – fruit, Easter eggs and cakes to decorate!

They even brought in some tea and biscuit treats for our staff!

Thank you so much – we really appreciate it!

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