Smiley Reward – the Farm

This week, the whole school has enjoyed seeing the animals at the farm!

There were lots of different animals to see, from chickens and ducks, to sheep and alpacas. The children all learned lots about the animals, how to look after them and where food comes from.

Every child who filled the front of their smiley card and who shows good behaviour in school was able to attend the smiley reward.

Smiley Reward – Military Boot Camp

The whole school has had an amazing time at our Spring 2 smiley reward! 

The Military Boot Camp returned and we enjoyed the huge inflatable obstacle course outside on the astro turf!

We also took part in team building games.

Check out the individual class blogs for more photos and information.

Autumn 2 Smiley Reward – Pantomime

What an amazing afternoon we have had at Oxford Grove! We have enjoyed a performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as our annual pantomime. 

Well done to all of the children who earned enough smileys to fill the back of their first smiley card and attend the pantomime.

We are all now working towards our next smiley reward in February – keep it up, everybody!

Summer 1 Smiley Reward – the Circus

On Friday, Reception, Key Stage 1 and Year 6 took part in their Smiley reward, and today it was Key Stage 2’s turn. The children have all enjoyed learning a variety of circus skills, including plate spinning, scarf waving, balancing, juggling and even riding tiny bicycles!

Well done to all the children for earning their smileys!

Please visit our individual class blogs to see more photos and comments from each class.

Spring 2 Smiley Reward – the Farm

Over the last two days, all of our classes have enjoyed spending time with Farmer David and the animals at the farm! Every child who filled the back of their second smiley card was given this opportunity as a behaviour reward. 

Please visit our class blog pages to see information and pictures.

SMILEY REWARD: Science Magic Show

On Thursday 26th May, we enjoyed our Smiley Reward for Summer 1 – the Science Magic Show!

KS1 enjoyed a performance all about different forces, such as pushes and pulls, that you can find at the funfair.

KS2 enjoyed a performance all about superheroes and how their superpowers could be made real with the magic of science and technology.

Take a look at some of our photos:


What an amazing day we have had at Oxford Grove!

The fabulous dancers from Zulu Nation came into our school and gave three amazing performances!

They also completed workshops with some of the classes, teaching them how to play African music and sing African songs.

Well done to everybody for working hard to achieve their smileys so we could enjoy this fantastic reward!


Pop Project

Oxford Grove really enjoyed the Pop Project!

To go to the Pop Project, the children must fill the front half of their second smiley card. Well done to everybody – you have worked hard for this reward!

Take a look at our video and have a look at some of the fun we’ve had this afternoon.


logoOn Friday 27th November, Oxford Grove hosted a fabulous pantomime production of Dick Whittington in the school hall.

All the children attended this brilliant show as their smiley reward for this half term. The children had to fill the back half of their smiley card to be able to get into the pantomime.

Click here to watch a video trailer of the pantomime.

Some quotes from our children:

“I liked the cat because she was funny and told lots of jokes.” – Caitin, Year 4L

“I liked the expression that the actors put in.” – Qamer, Year 6

“The cat was funny when he tried to take Dick Whittington’s food.” – Karys, Year 2R

Harvest 2015

IMG_0607      IMG_0608

IMG_0609      IMG_0610

Thank you so much to all of our generous parents who have sent in such beautiful Harvest donations!

The Harvest gifts have been given out to those in need in the community, identified by our parents.

The children have enjoyed taking part in a Harvest assembly led by St Luke’s Church, and as part of our smiley reward system, the children have been enjoying visiting the Farm and learning about where some of our food comes from.