logoOn Friday 27th November, Oxford Grove hosted a fabulous pantomime production of Dick Whittington in the school hall.

All the children attended this brilliant show as their smiley reward for this half term. The children had to fill the back half of their smiley card to be able to get into the pantomime.

Click here to watch a video trailer of the pantomime.

Some quotes from our children:

“I liked the cat because she was funny and told lots of jokes.” – Caitin, Year 4L

“I liked the expression that the actors put in.” – Qamer, Year 6

“The cat was funny when he tried to take Dick Whittington’s food.” – Karys, Year 2R

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3 Responses to Pantomime

  1. 0272011am says:

    I enjoyed the pantomime because it was so fun. I enjoyed it when the cat pretended to be a dog. my fravourite character was alice . it was brilliant.

  2. 0272011ma says:

    I loved the pantomime it was probably the best one I have ever seen. I bet the hole school loved it. I really liked the pantomime I bet the teachers were inbarst when the pirate came up to them. I fort it was funny and suprising!!!!!!

    By Emma-leigh 4S

  3. 0272009hh says:

    I loved the pantomime it was great fun. Thank you Miss Harvey.

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