What an amazing day we have had at Oxford Grove!

The fabulous dancers from Zulu Nation came into our school and gave three amazing performances!

They also completed workshops with some of the classes, teaching them how to play African music and sing African songs.

Well done to everybody for working hard to achieve their smileys so we could enjoy this fantastic reward!


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7 Responses to SMILEY REWARD! Zulu Nation

  1. Fatima R says:

    The Zulu dancers were fabulous!

  2. Alexis says:

    I thought the Zulu dancers where fabulous to.i really enjoyed going to the Zulu dancers because they did lots of dancing and acrobatics . In the afternoon 4l and4s did a workshop with us ,it was really fun.we learnt a dance of them. It was exiting to learn the dance . Before we all went home year 3 sang their song and then it was our turn we did the Dance what we had been learning .

  3. 0272011cm says:

    I think that the Zulu dancer’s were amazing because I don’t like their dancing I love it !!! It couldn’t have been better so all of year 4 has done a dance we loved it !!!

  4. 0272009yk says:

    The Zulu dancers were the best of the best.

  5. Harvey says:

    When it was the smiley reward the Zulu dancers came in and did some funny things.

  6. Chloe says:

    I loved the zool dancers we had a dance lesson with year 4

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