Harvest 2015

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Thank you so much to all of our generous parents who have sent in such beautiful Harvest donations!

The Harvest gifts have been given out to those in need in the community, identified by our parents.

The children have enjoyed taking part in a Harvest assembly led by St Luke’s Church, and as part of our smiley reward system, the children have been enjoying visiting the Farm and learning about where some of our food comes from.

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6 Responses to Harvest 2015

  1. Jayden says:

    I think giving harvest gifts is a good idea because people who can not afford lot’s of food have the chance to receive a harvest gift. All of the remaining food is donated to St Luke’s Church to be given to the homeless.

    • Emma-leigh says:

      I agree Jayden it is a good idea.Yes Jayden they do have a chance to receive a harvest gift. Do you think they have a chance to receive a harvest gift?Yes all the food is donated to St Luke’s church to be given to the homeless.This year the hall was almost full. Dont you think? I really like the harvest every year is really good. Dont you think? It is really fun. Dont you think it is really fun?

      By Emma-leigh 4S

  2. humayra4l says:

    I love people that has food we all are so kine in this school I’m saying thank you some people from Africa they didn’t have food now the do have food .

  3. 0272009yk says:

    Harvest is a great way to give food to people who are less fortunate than us. I was amazed to see the amount of food people gave, i really liked how people gave even a tin of peas because it shows how much they really care. Also St lukes church I hope you like everything oxford grove gave you.

  4. 0272009lb says:

    I was really touched on harvest day. I think it is a big commitment the amount of harvest we gathered together for our Oxford grove community

  5. Mrs J Petitjean says:

    Wow! Oxford Grovers – you should be very proud of yourselves and your families! Many people will benefit from your generosity. x

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