Alfa Music Festival 2017

Tonight, our choir have enjoyed taking part in the Alfa Music Festival! Well done to all those involved – more pictures and videos to follow soon!

7 thoughts on “Alfa Music Festival 2017”

  1. I was so very proud of you all up on that stage tonight. Well done to everyone and a special thankyou to all the amazing staff who took the time to come and support you. ‘PRIDE IN OUR SCHOOL, PRIDE IN OURSELVES, PRIDE IN EACH OTHER’

    Lovely to see so many families supporting your wonderful children and the school tonight too. I think they saved the best for last!

  2. I really enjoyed it last night we were really good and nervous at the same time but it was really fun my favourite part of last night was when we sang pride at the end. Thank you Miss Harvey and all of the other teachers who came

  3. What a night, the kids performed amazingly.

    We loved every minute of their performance.

    My best part was watching the teachers all show massive support to the kids singing at the end, loved it so much.

  4. Well done, I enjoyed listening to your performance- it was amazing I wish that I was in choir! All of the songs are amazing!

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