A visit from James Nicol!

Today, we have been visited by a fabulous author called James Nicol! First of all, we had a whole school assembly where we learnt all about James and the books he has written. Can you remember the name of some of his books?

This afternoon, we were also lucky enough to have a workshop with James where we created our own creatures that we could of used in our own stories. Tell me about your creature!

Heres some examples:

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4 Responses to A visit from James Nicol!

  1. 0272013fd says:

    I really enjoyed today. I was really interested at all the things he said. I enjoyed the afternoon when we got to do our own monster. My monster was called an oval-source! I think everyone did a good job making their own monsters. I also enjoyed everyones stories they wrote. I hope he can come again next year.

  2. Muhammad-Yousuf says:

    James Nicol is very funny and a creative person. He is Avery good author! I hope he comes again to visit!

  3. 0272013kb says:

    I loved james nicol books and crative ideas from janurary the 25th. Do you like his books. I liked his books.

  4. 0272012rh says:

    I like those drawings wow

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