Football vs Homophobia..

Today Miss Nelson visited our school . We had a special assembly about football against homophobia- which means using the word gay to mean something bad. We talked about how some footballers experienced this type of bullying from the crowd. We learnt about how they came together and set up a campaign to put a stop to this , they became role models and wore t-shirts to support this.


Year 5 and 6 then took part in workshops to learn more about this and why it was important.


What did you learn today?


What at are your thoughts? 

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3 Responses to Football vs Homophobia..

  1. 0272013fd says:

    I remember when Miss Nelson cam last year to teach us football vs homophobia. Hopefully everyone (especially the boys) learnt that it is not nice to call footballers mean things. I also enjoyed the workshop we had! Did you enjoy it? I definitely enjoyed it and thought it was awesome!

  2. 0272012ss1 says:

    I really loved miss nelson she was telling us about football v homophobia I felt like she was teaching us

  3. 0272013rc says:

    I really enjoyed this workshop my favourite part was when Miss Nelson showed us what a stereotype is for example if you don’t know what it is here it is I believe baby girls should always wear pink and baby boys should always wear blue that’s a stereotype. Also you should NEVER bully a boy if he is gay or wearing girl stuff because that just mean and it will make you a bad person and also for the girls don’t bully a girl is she is lesbian because that’s mean to. I hope Miss Nelson comes again soon

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