World Book Day

We have had an amazing World Book Day! Well done to all of our children who have dressed up in such fantastic costumes, and well done to all of those parents and carers who have helped out! We hope you all look forward to spending your £1 book voucher!

In addition to all of our book related activities, KS1 and KS2 have enjoyed a whole school assembly with author and poet, Alec Williams, who has then spent the day leading workshops for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Take a look at our group photos below, and please visit class pages to see more photos of children in each class.


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18 Responses to World Book Day

  1. joshua and oliver says:

    Wow everyone looked amazing for world book day. Joshua and oliver loved it.

  2. Michal B says:

    I really enjoyed being a dinosaur but I was too big to fit the entrance door

  3. Hi everyone… it looks like you had a fantastic World Book Day 2017. I love all of your costumes. It’s great that so much effort went into making the day so much fun.

    I see you’ve had some great authors in since I came to visit – including my friend, Saviour Pirotta.

    Keep reading (and writing) and having fun with books.

  4. 0272010bt says:

    I came in as Robin Wood and it was very funny. I really love world book day!

  5. mum&dad says:

    Wish we were kids again to spend such a lovely day at school

  6. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    I loved seeing all the kids all dressed up walking into school, our Maddi loves reading and has currently read nearly all the books she has. Its such a great way to encourage the children to read and enjoy reading. (”,)

  7. Hayley ( Jacobs mum r2 ) says:

    Everyone looked fantastic. Jacob was very excited to dress up as percy the park keeper !

  8. Husnain Ali (mum) says:

    Lots of effort put in by parents and children putting together some amazing costumes for world book day.
    I saw lots of amazing Harry Potter costumes, I think this was the popular costume at the school.

  9. Jennifer bahador says:

    What a lovely day this was seeing all the children inspired by books. I wish I could still dress up as a my little pony but I’m sure I would not get away with it as easily as Jasmine did.

  10. Husnain Ali says:

    I dressed as Hercules he is a Greek myth, Hercules tried to deafet the Minotaur who is a ugly monster who likes destroying cities in Rome.
    My costme was of the great Hercules.
    There is a book about Hercules the hero, I loved this story so much.

  11. 0272010wg says:

    The dresses and the costumes were fantastic. And I enjoyed the video.

    By wisdom’s uncle

  12. Michal B says:

    It was funny people laughing at me that i had a big costume

  13. Michal B says:

    I love world book day so much!!!!

  14. Michal B says:

    It is fun 😀 😀 😀

  15. Michal's mum says:

    I couldn’t get my eyes of children, they all looked fab !

  16. Michal's mum says:

    Already thinking about next year dress ups 😀

  17. Husna's Mummy says:

    There were some lovely costumes of the children. Was great to see how the children put in so much effort.

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