Matt Goodfellow

Last week we had a visit from Matt Goodfellow. Everyone loved his fun assembly to start the day and some classes were lucky enough to take part in his poetry workshops. Which poem did you enjoy the most?

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13 Responses to Matt Goodfellow

  1. 0272011dn says:

    I really enjoyed having Matt Goodfellow in school because he is an author and I love reading and having new poets and authors come in school this is truly the best school ive ever been in .

    By Jessica 5L

  2. 0272013ac1 says:

    Matt good fellow funny guy and I loved him and his expression his the best poetry

  3. 0272013zg says:

    I had fun because Matt Goodfellow was funny and he did funny things.

  4. Yasser says:

    This was a spectacular day!On this day all the chidren had a chance to see Matt Goodfellow and hear on of his amazing poems.All children had a workshop to participate in.At the end of the day all children had a opportunity to purchase a book.

  5. mum&dad says:

    my son was very excited when he told us who visited his school 😀

  6. Husnain Ali says:

    I liked Matt godfellow he was so funny.
    I was inspired by his poems He is ai funny.
    I liked the part when he mentioned his dreams were always to be a rockstar.
    I liked the poem were it was all based on his daughter Daisy and how she was like as a little girl.

  7. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Its great that this was an opportunity for everyone in school to enjoy. I love Oxford Grove, Its all about the children (”,)

  8. Husnain Ali (mum) says:

    Am glad you give an opportunity to the children to meet great inspirations, as this helps the children to understand more about poetry. Visiting the workshop must have been really fun to see matts Godfellows poems.
    Good work

  9. 0272010wg says:

    Matt Goodfellow was really funny when he was in the front of the hall telling us things about his family. My favourite poem that he presented was caterpillar cake

  10. Michal B says:

    I wish I could meet Matt good fellow again. If I don’t im gonna b really sad 🙁

  11. Husnas Mummy says:

    Wow! What a treat!

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