Reading Quality Mark


We are pleased to announce that Oxford Grove has achieved Gold standard in the Liverpool Reading Quality Mark!

Well done to all our staff who work so hard to promote reading for pleasure.


Some quotes from our Liverpool Reading Quality Mark Assessment Report:

“Reading is an integral part of a rich curriculum with reading for pleasure embedded across the school.”

“Staff, governors and parents spoke passionately and enthusiastically about reading throughout the school and how this has impacted on the children’s love of reading and attainment in reading.”

“The school governors are involved in learning walks, book monitoring and data analysis, giving them an outstanding insight into teaching and learning.”

“Children are extremely knowledgeable about books, authors and poets, and spoke fluently about the amazing texts they have read.”

“The engagement of all children throughout the school is impressive and inspirational. The school has capture the awe and wonder of reading for pleasure and provides experiences for the children that they will never forget.”

“Recommended authors and poets are displayed in each class. Children were able to discuss these at length, passionately talking about their favourite class authors.”

“Staff, governors and children are extremely passionate about reading and this comes through in every area of the school.”

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3 Responses to Reading Quality Mark

  1. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Well done Oxford Grove, once again your hard work and dedication paid off.

    Massive well done (”,)

  2. Michal's mum says:

    Well done OG !!!!

  3. Husnain ali and maliha mum says:

    Well done to oxford grove school once again to receive a gold award in the liverpool reading quality mark.
    These achievements makes oxford grove the best school and at the top.

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