Reading Competition

Thank you for all the brilliant competition entries that I received to tell the school what you love about reading. The winners were:

1B – Michael

1F – Caitlyn

2L – Tia

2B – Eshal and Amelia

3K – Grace

3T – Hina

4S – Joyce

4L – Tamana and Mia

5B – Freya

5L – Ebony

6C – Reece and Noshin

Here they are with their fabulous posters and their prize. I hope you enjoy reading your new book.

Love Mrs Calland 🙂 

IMG_0776 IMG_0778 IMG_0779 IMG_0780 IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0790

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4 Responses to Reading Competition

  1. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Oh wow, well done to you all (”,)

  2. Michal's mum says:

    Congratulations !!

  3. Husna's Mummy says:

    Well done!

  4. Husnain ali mum says:

    well done all winners good work.

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