School Sports Crew

This week our Upper Key Stage two Sports Crew children have been very busy. We had a meeting to discuss our Sports Assemblies that are coming up for the whole school. We discussed what races we thought should be included within our afternoons and we ensured each class had at least 2 members of the Sports Crew ready to help them in their Sports afternoons ( your teacher will tell you when yours is 🙂 ). 

We also discussed what clubs we wanted this half term to ensure Coach Matt and Mr Vickers can help us with our Sporting skills. We will also be looking at entering some competitions soon so keep your eyes peeled for our notice board updates in the corridor. 

If you have any ideas or anything you want to ask about P.E at Oxford Grove, please see our School Sports Crew members. Their pictures are on our P.E notice board and they also wear badges on their uniforms in school.

Keep active, Miss Stockton! 

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4 Responses to School Sports Crew

  1. 0272011aw says:

    School clubs are really fun there is different coaches 1 is Coach Mat and Mr Vickers .I have been in a lot of clubs my favourite is doge ball .Doge ball was run by Coach Mat I would like lots more fun clubs .Different teachers use there time to do really fun lessons Miss Long more did art club .We did a computing club and now I know nearly everything on the computer .Some people joined to be a member of the sport crew because most of the clubs are for sport thank you all the teachers for all the fun clubs .

  2. 0272011aw says:

    The governors are people who are the boss of this school because they keep us safe just like all the other teachers .We have quiet a few governors some are mums/carer I really like the governors and would like to be one myself as well as be a teacher at this school .Some governors come and sneakily check your work .

  3. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Its great that the children have an active part in what activities they take part in, P.E. is such an important lesson too.

    Due to the changes in technology, children are more likely to stay indoors than explore out doors.

    To keep Maddi and her brother active, we are exploring National Heritage sites and nature walks every weekend. Maddi loves running off an exploring which we love because it keeps her active.

  4. Michal's mum says:

    It’s very important to stay fit and exercise, we love to explore England and admire its beautiful views, spend lots of time outside by going camping and hiking 😀

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