Road Safety Poster Competition 2019

Dear Parents
Following parent feedback to our road safety survey, we are aiming to improve our safety outside school at the beginning and end of the school day. To help with this we are holding a poster competition to design safety posters to be put up at the front of school around our drop-off zone.
We hope to achieve two things:
1. All drivers must not park in places that may endanger us!
2. All drivers drive as carefully as they can to ensure our safety.

We appreciate that the vast majority of parents do this already but unfortunately a small minority do not.

We hope that putting up poster reminders will lead to improvements to both driving and parking and help prevent a catastrophic accident.

All pupils are welcome to enter this competition and design a poster which will get our important message across the school community.

If your child wishes to enter, these are the competition rules:
1. Please use a piece of A4 paper.
2. You may use paint, coloured pencils or felt tip pens.
3. Make your design simple but effective with eye-catching, vibrant colours and give it sharp and distinctive lettering.
4. Include a safety strapline ~ there are some suggestions here that you can use:
Please drive like there’s a baby on board! Please drive like your gran’s in the car!
Please drive like every child is yours! Please drive like you’re taking your test!
Please park responsibly. Please drive with care.
Please slow down! Please do not park on the zig-zag lines!
Please respect our school. Caution! Children!
Please THINK before you park. Stopping here puts a child in danger.
Thank you for not parking here.

5. Remember to add your name and your class on your design.
6. All entries must be in school by Friday 14th June.

We look forward to seeing your entries. Good luck!

Yours sincerely

Shan & Daniel, on behalf of the School Council

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12 Responses to Road Safety Poster Competition 2019

  1. 0272013mb says:

    It is really important to stay safe while crossing a very busy road, you need to use your eyes to look left and right to see if any transport is coming, you need to use your ears to hear if any transport is coming and last but not least, you have to be patient instead of running across the road if your in a hurry, this really is dangerous!! 🙁

  2. Andreea-Elisa says:

    I am looking forward to see who will win! I hope all our posters help. Also I am making my poster soon. I think its a good idea to run this competition!

  3. 0272013mh says:

    When I come across a road , at all costs, I must always remember to stop , look and listen.

  4. 0272013mm says:

    I am excited to see who will win, I am working on my poster at the moment. I’ll be writing about top tips to keep extra safe. Make sure to keep safe everyone, its really important to keep safe especially when crossing the road !

  5. Brandon says:

    I will always remember to follow the safety rules like stop, listen , look so I won’t get hurt and I won’t have to go to hospital. I hope everyone else follow’s the rules aswell.

  6. 0272012ma1 says:

    It is amazing making our own posters and the winner ‘s poster will go outside of school so parent , who drive can remember to drive safely outside of school. BY MISKI

  7. Alena says:

    This competition sounds great, me and my dad has a brilliant idea for what to do for the poster. I wonder what prizes are going to be given to the winner.
    It is important to not park on the Drop off zone or on the zebra crossing because one day someone is going to get seriously injured. Our school is a very fantastic school and we look after it very good.
    So please try not to park on the drop off zone or the zebra crossing for people’s safety.

  8. Lewis says:

    I’m so happy for school council for there brilliant assembly it was fab. I will definitely be doing a poster. Your assembly was well produced and very clear.

  9. Taylor says:

    Making road safety posters would be very good for the younge children that don’t know how to cross the road because it is very important to be safe on the road.

  10. Tamanna says:

    I think it is extremely important to drive carefully it is also important when you cross the road that you STOP , LOOK , LISTEN and then you may cross if no cars are coming. Make sure you don’t go on the phone whilst driving.

  11. Romaisa says:

    I really looking forward to who wins the competition! I have actually given in my poster and just waiting for winners,hopefully I will win…

  12. 0272013hm says:

    We should all be careful near or on a road.youshould always follow these three steps .
    1.look left and right to see sight of a car
    2.listen for any car nearby to see if you are ok the cross the road
    3.wait for the been walking light
    If you are crossing a road without traffic lights follow these three instructions
    1.look around for any car
    2.listen to see if any car is nearby may slowly cross the road

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