Oxford Grove Readathon!

We are launching a new whole school project linking with the Read for Good Charity. The money raised by your child will help enable children in hospitals to access a wide range of books; free from infection. 



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The aim of the Readathon is firstly to promote reading for pleasure by enjoying reading a range of different genres and to raise money, with the support of the School Councillors, for children in local hospitals. The children will get to choose their own books as its all about reading for pleasure!

What we’d like you to do:

Today your child has brought home a sponsorship form and a record sheet to record all the books they have read as part of the Oxford Grove sponsored Readathon!

  1. Help your child find sponsors among family and friends. Sponsors can be given in to the office.

  2.  Support your child in finding books that they enjoy reading.

  3. There is an additional form to record all the wonderful books that they have been reading.

Remember to have lots of fun and try to read as many books to raise money. You may also win a prize if you read the most books in your class!

We look forward to hearing all the wonderful books that you’ve been reading!

Miss Harrison and Miss Campbell.

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9 Responses to Oxford Grove Readathon!

  1. 0272013ag says:

    I am very pleased to help children in hospital to get new books to read I’m sure they are very exited about were the stories take them .This an amazing event for all children beacause we are getting better at reading at the same time .

  2. Salman says:

    I’m really happy to donate to children in hospitals because I will make their knowledge bigger and better! I have read a lot of books since the readathon started and enjoyed all of them.

  3. Rayyan says:

    I am happy that Oxford Grove has started this competition because we can help different children in hospital by raising money for their books. We are raising money so the children in hospital can read new books because the old books from home might have germs.

  4. Reece says:

    I really want to help these children in the hospital to have an education in the hospital because they probably not know how to read.

  5. 0272013kb says:

    I love reading because it help’s you do your work everytime . Do you love reading? The more books you get ,the more idea’s you get. There are book’s in school and the library. Do you know how many books are in the library?

  6. Attila says:

    Thank you miss Harrison and Miss Campbelle for this competition I promise I will read and put every thing that I need to in the sheet.

  7. 0272013mb says:

    I’m so pleased that the children in hospital are feeling better now by reading some books! Did you know that when you read books, your imagination gets more powerful? It is true! Also, if you are reading a book while your imagining, you might feel like your stuck in the book your reading!! Reading is really healthy for children in the hospitals. I’m happy that they are happy 😀

  8. Taylor says:

    Reading is very important and fun, the reason it is important is it can teach the children words that they do not know. When I was in year 1 or2 I read lots of books and learned many new words.

  9. Karima says:

    I hope all of the children in hospital get much better and like our presents to them!

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