Smiley Reward – Zulu Dancers

The whole school enjoyed the Zulu dancers for our Smiley Reward!

We all watched two different performances, and took part in dance and music workshops.

Keep working hard to earn those smileys, everybody!

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3 Responses to Smiley Reward – Zulu Dancers

  1. 0272014mm says:

    I really enjoyed the Zulu dancers and it was amazing!

  2. 0272012rn says:

    The zulu dance was AMAZIN!!!! I loved it and this is the all time favourite smiley reward

  3. 0272012rn says:

    I hope that something like this is gonna happen again but even better than this one but this one was my all time favourite and i hope something else will happen that will be as amazing as this one (:

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