Important messages …

Today, in our assembly,we were given some important messages…

1. Some children within the school were awarded their gold coins for the ‘Good Friend’ award.These children have been given the seat covers constantly within their classroom to show they have been good friends , because of this, they have now earned their gold coin. This gold coin has amazing powers, you can swap it for a prize of your choice from the Argos catalogue. Children across the school are showing what a good friend they are and are being spotted by teachers. Here are another two children who have won this award: 

2. Mrs Calland has launched her reading competition. Can you fill in a high quality reading book review within your record to be in with a chance to visit Bolton Libary on World Book Day?

3. Mrs Thompson has launched her Computing competition . Can you create a way to share information about e-safety ? You could design a game, rap, poster anything . The winner will be given a chance to take their class on a computing trip! Oxford Grove have won this before!

lots of exciting things going on and more information about this will be in our newsletter so do not worry if your confused or missed anything. The newsletter will tell you everything you need to know 🙂 

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