Choir at St Lukes

Since the start of the year choir have been working hard every Friday morning before school with Mrs Hudson. Yesterday we visited St Lukes for a very special performance. Our Oxford Grove choir wowed the audience with beautiful singing of a range of Christmas songs and carols and everyone was swaying along with a smile on their face. This is what Christmas is all about!

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7 Responses to Choir at St Lukes

  1. Hayden says:

    Well done choir! You did such a good job!

  2. Megan says:

    I loved singing to the people because some of them are homeless. I think the best song was Santa claws.

  3. Molly says:

    Choir and me went to Saint Luke’s church it was really fun. We got to speak to some of the people and they gave us juice and a Jaffa Cake! My favourite song was santa claus is comin I think it was everybodies favourite.

  4. Brooklyn says:

    choir probably did a good job singing at old people i bet it was good

  5. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Very proud of you Maddi, you have shown a lot of commitment to the choir, you attend every week and you are always singing at home.

    Very proud that you went to share happiness, well done everyone (”,)

  6. 0272013gp says:

    all of us made friends and we all tried the best we could. I am so proud of s all we all played a part

  7. Ella says:

    It was so much fun I love singing the old people who was there they were lovely

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