Maths Calculation Workshop- 14th November 2016

Thank you very much to the 80 families who were able to attend our calculation workshop. It was great to see so many parents and carers work alongside and support their children in a maths session.


We hope that you were able to gain a good insight into the way we support our children at Oxford Grove to calculate proficiently and were able to see the types of resources we use in class to help children master essential calculation strategies.


It was a real pleasure to see children, parents and carers enjoying maths together.


Parents – please have a look at all the photos and leave us a comment!

12 thoughts on “Maths Calculation Workshop- 14th November 2016”

  1. What a fantastic way to keep the parents involved… I’m a big fan of parents as partners and this is just a fantastic example of how the school are able to work along side parents to show them how maths in learnt in every environment of learning.

    • Many thanks for your positive feedback. It was lovely to see so many parents attending the session and working alongside their child in the classroom. Thanks for your support. Regards, Miss Harvey

  2. It was a fantastic morning in Year 1 with our calculation workshop. The children loved showing their parents how fabulous they were at adding and subtracting an a number line and applying their skills to solve word problems. The challenge section was where the children really got to show off their skills. Well done Year 1!

  3. In year4L when the calculation workshop happened it was AMAZING!When my mum came we started to practise our X tables ,division facts,addition and subtraction!! first we did Our addition then subtraction then multiplication then,last but not least, division.

    P.s my mum did not help me

  4. Yesterday my mum came and watched me do maths in Mrs Bain’s maths group . We were working on whiteboards showing our parents our skills . On my whiteboard I was doing times tables in the written method , adding in the written method , subtraction in the written method and division on a number line . It was amazing, our mums and dads weren’t teaching us we were teaching! By Alexis 5l

  5. Thank you children for all your hard work and enthusiasm. I see many bright futures ahead of you and I’m really pleased you enjoyed showing your parents your magic maths skills.

  6. This day was really fun when all the parents came in and did maths with there children it was really fun I hope it comes again next year!

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