School Sports Crew assembly

On Friday 30th September, our Upper Key stage 2 School Sports Crew gave an assembly to the whole school.

They wore our Oxford Grove P.E kits with pride and their badges so children knew exactly who they were throughout the school.

They each introduced themselves and explained to the school what there role was.

They have been meeting every week to plot out our new clubs and competitions for this year. They have given lots of ideas after speaking to other pupils across the school. They also explained how they have loved helping out in our Sports Assemblies so far and look forward to the rest that are coming up.

Mr Vickers, Coach Matt and Miss Stockton helped the School Sports Crew within this assembly. They spoke about how important P.E was across our school and what their role was in improving this further. Mr Vickers also showed the school a Paralympics video which we all discussed. The message the video gave was to show children that anything is possible. They are all good at different things and we each support each other at this school no matter what.

Our LowerKey stage School Sports Crew also watched this assembly as they have been busy during our dinner times in supporting Coach Matt with the Key stage 1 children at playtime. They have been showing the children how to play games correctly and what skills to use.

Thank you to our teachers and the School Sports Crew involved in this assembly!

Keep active and let me know what you thought of this assembly.

Miss Stockton, Mr Vickers and Coach Matt.

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7 Responses to School Sports Crew assembly

  1. 0272012ng says:

    I LOVED drumming because we did African drumming and to me it felt like I actually came from Africa it was SO FUUUN.

  2. Karishma says:

    I really enjoyed the school sports crew assembly and the video was really inspiring. All the people who are not as able to do things like we do still try there best and in the end they always get there. I am really proud to be one of the school sports crew people.

  3. 0272012ct says:

    I ❤️ Football club because we could learn new skills in football.

  4. 0272012ct says:

    I think football is the best thing that ever happened to me.

  5. Husnain Ali says:

    You learn lots of skills in football club, I wish we can have cricket club that would be good. I like all sports, fitness is part of life.

  6. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    I love the concept of the Sports Crew, Maddi loves being part of this team and feels she had gained more responsibility.

    Its great to see that the children are encouraged to take part in extra curriculum activities.

  7. Michal's mum says:

    Great idea !!!

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