Safer Internet Day 2016 Parent Workshop

Today, we have hosted our Safer Internet Day 2016 parent workshop!

We discussed the different risks that could be posed to children, looking at content, conduct, contact and commercialism.

We also looked at the CEOP button as a way of reporting serious online safety issues.

Another resource featured in our workshop was the Know It All guide for parents and carers from Childnet. Click the picture below to access this guide.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 20.57.29

Please feel free to leave a comment to give your feedback on this workshop, and thank you so much to everybody who came.

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3 Responses to Safer Internet Day 2016 Parent Workshop

  1. Jodie says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about what the children at school know regarding the internet! I found it really helpful. It’s good to know our children are safe!

  2. Mrs Thompson says:

    Thank you to everybody who filled in the Parent Evaluation forms. Here is a selection of comments from our parents:

    “Clear information with the set out topics that are being taught.”

    “I didn’t know about CEOP.”

    “A good learning session.”

    “Well set out. Very informative.”

    “Glad I came. I feel my child has learnt a lot too!”

    “It was interesting.”

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