Our Fabulous Music Lessons!

Every Friday, Mrs Hudson (our music teacher) comes in and teaches music to all the classes.

Have a look at some of our music lessons in action!


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8 Responses to Our Fabulous Music Lessons!

  1. Holly says:

    hi everyone hope everthings going well for year 5 i miss you all as i have moved to blackpool hope to see you again from holly year 7

    • Mrs Thompson says:

      Lovely to hear from you, Holly! I hope you’re enjoying living in Blackpool. We miss all you old Year 6’s!

    • Miss Harvey says:

      Hi Holly Lovely to hear from you I hope everything is going well for you in Blackpool. I really miss you. Look after yourself and keep working hard i know you can do it. Much Love, Miss Harvey xx

  2. 0272009yk says:

    Mrs Hudson you are the best music teacher I am so happy that we have you we couldn’t ask for a better music teacher.

  3. Jabu says:

    I really enjoy our music lessons they are fun and a great way of teaching and enjoying yourself

  4. 0272010zn says:

    I love music lessons and they are so fun and I get inspired by them. Thank you Mrs Harvey

  5. 0272010ye says:

    I enjoyed drumming with Mr Dunkly

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