‘How We Teach Reading’ parent workshop

We have had a fabulous morning showing all our amazing work in reading!

Over 90 parents and carers attended our ‘How We Teach Reading’ workshop this morning. Thank you so much to all who could attend, and thank you for your overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Some comments from our parents and carers:

“I think it was brilliant being able to see what my child is learning and understanding what she’s doing.”

“It was very useful and I learnt new ways of looking into a story.”

“Everything went well because I have seen that the teachers are very dedicated in their jobs and help children understand when they are struggling.”

“The event was very informative. Very impressive teaching and I can see that everyone (the kids) is very attentive and could tell they enjoy learning. (Well done Oxford Grove.)”

“It gives you an idea how your child performs in the class and their learning skills.”

“Everything was perfect. Very nice event which explains a lot to parents.”

“It was nice to see my daughter in a well behaved learning environment. I was very impressed with the paired work.”

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  1. 0272013fd says:

    I am really happy we did a reading workshop because now my dad knows how to do guided read questions. I hope the other parents learnt how to do guided read. In the guided reading workshop, we did two mark and three mark question on the book ‘Why the whales came ‘. What book did you do for guided read ?

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