Oxford Grove’s parents do Maths!

This morning we had a fantastic Maths morning and parents were invited into our school to see how we learn maths and to help them support their children at home.  Mrs Day firstly met with all the parents to model how to use our brilliant computing resources that they can access from home. Parents were then able to visit their children’s classes and were given an insight on how they can further support their children at home.

It was a fantastic event and lots of adults across the whole school attended.

Thank you to everyone for their support.

*What did you enjoy most about this morning?

*Did you find this useful to support you at home?

2 thoughts on “Oxford Grove’s parents do Maths!”

  1. Today we had math in the morning because people’s parents where coming in to see how we use methods and lots more. The parents helped their children if they needed it. Some parents had two children so they visited the first one and then the second one. I enjoyed having some of my friend’s parent there even though my parent didn’t come. The best bit was doing my maths sheet in front of my friend’s parent ( it was very hard to be honest.)
    Today was splendid.
    What do you think about it?

  2. At school some people adults came in to see how we do maths and all our method. In class we did times table and division. We did word problems and we went on IXL.

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