Eco Committee – Its good to be green!

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In spring term 2, the eco committee will be joining together once again to take care of our school and the environment!

It is important to make sure we do not waste; paper, water or electricity. We must look after our school and also look after the wildlife around our school.


Jayden from Year 5B wanted to share a rap that he found in one of his poetry books! Good find, Jayden!


Listen to me children. Hear what I say.

We’ve got to start recycling. Its the only way,

to save this planet for future generations –

The name of the game is reclamation.

You’ve got to start recycling. You know it makes sense!

You’ve got to start recycling. Stop sitting on the fence.

No more messing. No more claptrap.

Get yourself doing the recycling rap!


If you think you could make a difference and want to help, you can apply to join the eco committee. Get your applications from Miss Brewer before Monday 12th February 2018!


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9 Responses to Eco Committee – Its good to be green!

  1. 0272011hs says:

    I am not in ECO Committee but I want to help the ECO Committee to make sure that the we don’t waste the paper, water and electricity. Miss Brewer said that the ECO Committee make some bird feeders to care about the environment otherwise if there would be mess the animals can’t be able to get their food to eat.

  2. 0272011hs says:

    I hope that you will help as well.

  3. Megan says:

    Please don’t forget to recycle.

  4. Tatiana says:

    I really liked the rap!

  5. Harvey says:

    The eco is a place we’re your not allowed to litter and you have to look after animals and take care of plants so if you throw things on the floor step on bugs and take plants, then eco is not for you.

  6. 0272013gp says:

    If it’s card, glass ,plastic ,wood ,paper ,metal ,foil ,garden waste put it in the green red beige.

  7. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    Maddi has shown us some great designs for her re-useable bag.

  8. Khirad's mom says:

    Wow it’s really good

  9. 0272013gp says:

    I am so glad we have the eco committee.

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