Meet the Teacher

We have kicked off our new academic year with our annual ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings. 

Parents and families came into school to meet the teachers, go over routines and talk over any issues or questions.

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7 Responses to Meet the Teacher

  1. 0272013ch says:

    I love meeting the new teacher in a different class because then u get to learn more of him or her.

  2. 0272013ch says:

    I cant wait to see my new year 5 teacher!!!!!

  3. 0272013gp says:

    I love meeting new theachers. I can’t wait to meet my year 5 theacher.✨

  4. 0272013ch says:

    I love meeting our new teacher because it is exiting to see who it is and who you hoped it would be.

  5. 0272013ch says:

    I think my year 4 teacher is going to teach us lots of new things what we have not learnt about yet.

  6. 0272013ch says:

    I cant wait to go into year 5 because I love finding out what teacher it is going to be for our amazing class

  7. 0272013ch says:

    When I am in year 5 I am going to try my hardest like I do in every year group

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