Author and Poet Jane Clarke’s Visit


Author and poet Jane Clarke visited our school today! All of the KS2 classes enjoyed workshops with her, where she read her books, talked about the process of writing and getting books published and shared some of her writing tips and ideas.

Everybody really enjoyed Jane Clarke’s visit. What was your favourite thing about your workshop, Key Stage 2?

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5 Responses to Author and Poet Jane Clarke’s Visit

  1. Skarlett says:

    Jon Clarke was amazing but she had very good talent l like atuather

  2. 0272011za says:

    I really enjoyed when Jane clarke’s came in and
    Read us a story. I hope she comes in again.

  3. Husna says:

    My favourite part was when we drew dinosaurs because I like let my imagnation run wild.

  4. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    These children are so lucky, when we were at school (a long long time ago) we never had Authors come to visit us.

    I would love to attend Oxford Grove again, Maddi loves the school and we are so pleased with the teachers and the support she receives.

  5. Husnain ali mum says:

    what a great visit for the children to be inspired about, its very true when I was in school long ago we never had author’s visit us.
    This is why oxford grove receive such standards because they offer far too much for the children, and get best performance and achievement from the children.

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