Investors in People Gold


We were very excited to achieve the Investors in People Gold Award last month! It is really rewarding to see all our hard work at Oxford Grove being recognised by external agencies.

Here are some of the things our Investors in People Assessment Report said about our school:

“Oxford Grove is a happy, thriving school with keen and motivated people who have pride in what they do for the children and community they work with.”

“People know how they make a positive difference to Oxford Grove. They describe how they have the children at the heart of their roles and are focused on supporting them to make the very best progress they can.”

“The core values of the school are well ingrained in its practices and throughout discussions people describe how the values of: ‘Pride in our school, pride in ourselves, pride in each other’ are lived and breathed.”

“The school was high expectations of children and s​taff. There is a strong focus on excellence and people go well above and beyond expectations in seeking to improve what they do.”

Click here to read the full Investors in People Assessment Report.

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