Our school’s local PCSO.

Today PCSO Jonny visited our school to talk to us about being safe during the Bonfire period. He talked us about rules we need to follow and how we should behave to ensure our safety.

He also spoke to us about how we should keep safe online.

What did you learn from this assembly.

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6 Responses to Our school’s local PCSO.

  1. 0272013mb says:

    Keeping safe can help you stay happy and alive, this assembly told us lot’s about being safe with fireworks and how to stay safe on social media. I loved this.

  2. 0272013zs says:

    In assembly we learned the safety of fireworks and internet safety. We learned of how not to buy fire works at our age, ONLY adults can buy them. We learned of how we should react if we get caught on fire. If you want to have fireworks you should go town organised fire display. We should be far away from when the fire sets off. ONLY adults should light up the firework because if we do it we might be on fire.In the assembly we also learned of internet safety and how to keep safe. YOU SHOULD NOT talk to people you don’t know. Keep social media accounts PRIVATE or there is a high chance that you will be talking to someone you don’t know. I am telling this because this random person you don’t know might want to know your, pass words, address, might want to meet up.

  3. Lewis says:

    In assembly we learned about how to keep yourself safe. Hear is a handy tip to keep yourself safe:when you go home put your account on private and don’t speak to strangers

  4. 0272013jg says:

    I have learnt a lot about bonfires thanks to Jonny. I have also learnt hoe to stay safe online.

  5. Thomas says:

    I learnt so much from the pcso now we use sparklers to light the fireworks so no one gets harmed

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