Space 4 Schools

Today, Key Stage 2 have enjoyed working with Steve from Space 4 Schools, who has taught us all about launching rockets. His aim is to make space tourism (holidays in space) a reality!

Years 3-6 had an assembly, where we learned all about the first animals and people in space, and how rockets are launched.

IMG_0432 We all had the opportunity to visit the 9 metre rocket, and handle the space artefacts. Years 5 and 6 also were able to make rockets with Steve.


In the afternoon, all of Key Stage 2 gathered to watch a one metre rocket (powered by real rocket fuel) launch above our school. Watch the video below to see the launch!

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6 Responses to Space 4 Schools

  1. Mrs Bain says:

    Mrs Thompson I loved the rocket launch, it has helped to kick start Year 5’s Science topic on forces. They cannot wait to learn all about how rockets work as part of our topic. The video I have shows the rocket landing on the school roof, which was very funny.

  2. Mrs Atherton says:

    Thomas loved the space rocket and as his new bedroom has a space theme he now wants a model rocket in his bedroom.

  3. Ella says:

    I love the rocket because it landed on the school roof!
    I love it because laned on the school and me and Melissa we thought it was going to hit us and Miss Day pressed the buton to start the the rocket.

  4. Deepisha Blakeway says:

    What great content the children get, Maddi is like a sponge she is always asking questions.

    Oxford Grove, once again, you have delivered above expectation!

  5. Michal's mum says:

    I wish my school had been using these methods of teaching in the past, learning by playing, more experiments , all that is essential to create that hunger of knowledge, children want to know more, learn more and have fun at the same time. Brilliant !!!!

  6. Aliyah's Mummy says:

    Wow! That actually looked amazing. What a great way to teach the children. They all looked so excited and motivated.

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