Awesome Arts Council!

Thank you very much for all your Arts Council applications. They were all fabulous and it was a very difficult decision. The following children have been appointed:

1W – Karema and Harvey  1B – Isobelle and Lenix

2B Ayesha and Areeb  2R Hannah and Theon

3W Umara and Jayden  3B Ella H and Miguel

 Yr 4 Matthew and Katie

Yr 5 Hajra, Malak and Holly

Yr 6 Abbie B and James


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3 Responses to Awesome Arts Council!

  1. 0272009ha says:

    Thank you so much for choosing me to be a art council!

    Hajra Ali
    Year 5
    Miss long more

  2. Miss. Gregory says:

    You deserve it Hajra! Well done 🙂

  3. Natalie.Asif says:

    I wish i was but i dont care. Im clad that Abbie and James got to de the awesome art counil. Im happy for Aabbie and James. Hope you have a good time doing your job Miss Greogory LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

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