Football Club

The year 3’s enjoyed this weeks football club, we focused on the basics of passing and control. It’s important for the children to learn the fundamental skills before just playing a match which is what they normally want to do. I believe they have shown lots of improvement already and I hope that continues.

Next week we will be concentration on scoring and shooting.


Keep up the good work.

Mr Neil

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Can you bear crawl?

This week I challenged 5K to work in teams on some tricky challenges which involved working on our core.

The challenges were based on bear crawling. This is a very tiring exercise to do but is brilliant for engaging our core muscles. First of all they had to face their partner and stay in the bear crawl position whilst rolling a tennis ball along the floor to one another. Then we had team races in which we had to run in bear crawl, collect a tennis ball and then return to our teams.

I am incredibly proud of their hard work and determination throughout this lesson.

Well done 5K!

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Aldi Kit for Schools

Thank you so much to all of the children, staff and families that have contributed stickers to our Aldi Kit for Schools poster.

We have filled our poster which means that we collected over 300 stickers which is absolutely amazing! The School Sports Crew have created a way that we will create a lasting healthy legacy at Oxford Grove, but we will have to wait and see if we are one of the fortunate schools to be chosen!

Please keep your fingers crossed for us and once again thank you so much!

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A new term, A new topic

This term we will be experiencing a new topic in the PE scheme of work. Movement to fitness and music is a topic I believe the children will really enjoy doing. Not only will we be doing lots of physical exercise during our lessons, but we will be learning about why it’s important to be healthy and active, and the different muscles we use in our bodies during sport.

This week, we worked on interval training. Pushing not only ourselves but our classmates to work as hard as possible. It was evident the competitive nature of all the children was on show and I enjoyed the positive reaction from all the children.

Mr Neil

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Fitness Friday!

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you had  brilliant half term break and a lovely Halloween!

This half term Key Stage 2 are working on movement and exercise to music. This unit will challenge all of the children to push themselves physically. This week I have been really impressed with 3B and 4B who have been working on interval training. They have worked incredibly hard (which is evident with their rosy red cheeks!) as well as learning the importance of stretching our bodies after exercise.

Please remember to bring a water bottle on your PE days as we will be working very hard in every session!

Have a great weekend.

Miss Makin 🙂

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First term in the books

Well that’s the first term in the books and what a eventful one it was.

This term I believe all the children enjoyed the new PBL topic, taking responsibility and pretty much taking over some PE lessons from me to put forward there awesome ideas. I think my favourite lesson was when the year 5’s made up their own sports day. Some of the games were certainly different from what Ive seen before but they obviously enjoyed seeing how they played out.

Fitness club has been a success and I believe all the children have got fitter and healthier since the first week.

have a great half term, see you in a few weeks.

Mr Neil

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Year 3 have been busy!

Today I set 3B a very tricky challenge!

I gave them the challenge to recreate the inside of our school logo. At first they thought that I was slightly crazy, and a few of the children said that’s really easy! I’ll draw it for you. So I interrupted them and said “Oh by the way you can’t use any equipment, you can only use your bodies and the floor – that definitely stumped them!

After a quick brainstorm, they decided that they could use the natural shape of their bodies to recreate our school logo.

Look at the pictures below with what they created! I think you will agree that they have done extremely well with it!

Have a lovely half term break!

Miss Makin 🙂

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Year 5 After school club

The year 5’s have been putting in lots of hard work during fitness club this term, especially this week as we did a full body circuit with very high intensity and little rest.

As you can see the children were working extremely hard (climbing the ropes)

we did each exercise for 45 seconds with a 30 second rest.

Afterwards I’d never heard the children so quiet. Maybe due to the fact they were so tired.

Keep up the good work.

Mr Neil

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Year 2

This week with 2H we have been looking at jumping!

I gave the children a challenge to complete my jumping circle. They had to jump forwards, backwards and side to side. They also had to jump onto and over different equipment.

I was incredibly impressed with the children’s attitude to the circle and how they all strived to be the best they could be.

At one point, I thought that the children had put springs on their legs to make them jump higher!

Well done 2H and keep up the hard work!

Miss Makin 🙂

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Year 6 Club

This weeks year 6 after schools club consisted of some original but exciting games which the children had to think fast and react to what was in front of them.

The first game was noughts and crosses. A simple race against the opposite team whilst having to balance a beanbag on different parts of their bodies.

The second game we played was Rock, Paper, scissors. A jumping challenge with children meeting in the middle. The winner of rock, paper, scissors progresses up the ladder wins.

have a great weekend.

Mr Neil


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