eCadets 2017-2018

The Digital Leaders at Oxford Grove have many responsibilities, but the main one is following the eCadets programme to support online safety education in school.

We complete challenges set by eCadets, and one week every half term, we share what we have been doing with the classes.

Click the picture below to access the eCadets website. Digital Leaders – you can log in to access Bubble and the other fantastic features.


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Week 4 – digital leaders club!!

In digital leaders club we have been trying to persuade Miss Harvey to let us have Go Bubble in this school. Go Bubble is a online site which you are safe on and it’s free! Another reason why Go Bubble is good is that you can only talk to people in your year. We did some collaborative writing on Purple Mash so that we could all share our ideas for why this would be good for our school. We will submit this to Miss Harvey next week.

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Week – 2

In week 2 we are starting to look at our new challenges our new challenge called being an upstander in this you are making a song or a rap with our class. Our teacher chooses what we do we can do we can:

Work together as a class.

Work a tables .

Work as groups.


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Alena the E-cadet

I am Alena and I am in the E-cadets. The E-cadets are people who help people if they are stuck on computers and we help if they are on in trouble on the computer. I help people in my class who is stuck on the computers if they are working in the classroom or the Computing Suite. In class if someone near me is stuck on a computer I will help them and I will help people keep safe on the internet and I will make my class be better on the internet and computer. Today is E-cadets club. In E-cadets club we learn how to keep safe on the computer and how to help people keep safe. Alena 3t

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Hi I am Shan from 5L. I am an E-Cadet and I`m willing to tell you about the challenges we have in place. an upstander safe online

3.have a safe profile


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Week 1 of eCadets Club

Week 1:
In week 1 (The first week) All of the digital leader team was updating and checking the blogs to make sure they are immaculate and 
up to date. We all made sure everyone knew how to blog and use our website, and we chose some children who might need more support with this because they are new to our school.
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Harry-the year two digital leader

I want to help everybody with the computers. I want to keep people safe.

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Autumn term 1

The Digital Leaders are helping teachers in their computing lessons so they are safe and they know what to do. Mrs Thompson has made sure she sorted out the Digital Leader badges and photos. All the Digital Leaders are making  sure everybody knows their new role. We are also helping teachers with online safety when they are stuck.

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being a Digital Leader

Being a Digital Leader is very fun using computers and helping other people on computers now that’s pride in each other . It is marvellous to have Mrs Thompson as my teacher and my Digital Leader teacher. I even help my Dad at home when he gets something wrong on the computer. Yeah it is very hard . Even sometimes I even have to help a few teachers not a lot though.

3T Alena

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Jamie- The Year 6 Digital Leader!

All About Me:

Hello, my name is Jamie! I am the digital leader for year 6S! I am 11 years  old! I am 11 Years old and a friendly trust worthy person! I love to make people smile and encourage people to keep trying! I love to help people (especially on the computer!) 😀 

What I want to achieve as a digital leader!

I would like to help extend peoples learning in ICT even further and win some more ICT awards!

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