Keeping active whilst you’re not in school

I know that a lot of you are really sad to be missing your weekly PE lessons with myself and Mr Neil but I have put together a group of links that you can access for FREE to maintain your fitness during this time.

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)

Joe Wicks will be running a LIVE PE lesson every day on his youtube channel at 9am. If you miss the time slot they will appear in his channel later the same day. He also has lots of shorter videos on his channel.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you would like to do something a little more calming and improve your mental wellbeing then you can access multiple videos showing you various yoga poses/ routines.

Just Dance

All of the children at Oxford Grove love Just Dance!

You access videos showing the routines from various chart topping hits!

NHS Wake and Shake

If you’re struggling to clear the cobwebs from your lovely nights sleep, then you can access the NHS Wake and Shake videos. These videos are designed to help engage your muscles and wake up your brain and have Disney soundtracks to help motivate you!

Premier League Super Stars – Supermovers

This website is from the BBC in partnership with Primary League Super Stars and covers a range of subjects. They offer 20 minute videos for active learning.

Go Noodle

This website offers lots of fun and wacky videos that encourage children to sing and dance.

I know that Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have used these videos with me and have really enjoyed it!

Solo Sessions

These videos have been designed by England Netball Athletes Sasha and Kadeen Corbin.

They tackle different skills and show you how you can work on your own.

100 Football Drills

The following video shows you 100 drills you can do alone with a football and the page has lots of other videos relating to football skills.


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  1. Eesa says:

    I think that as we are at home we should at least go to a park or for a little walk. Because at home doing nothing makes you lazy and your muscles will get weaker. You can even play in your garden.

    By Eesa

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