Coach Matt’s After School Clubs

As we enter the final term of the year my After school clubs are still going strong.

Its been great to see so many children taking part in different clubs throughout the year helping to keep us all fit and healthy.

From Football to Parachute Club, Year 1 to Year 6 all of the clubs have been fun and enjoyable to teach and I hope you have all enjoyed them too.

This term we have Football Club on a Mondays with the Year 6 Football team.

Year 4 have been very lucky this term as they have 3 clubs going on during the week. Football club every Tuesday and then Cricket club every Wednesday and Friday.

Every Thursday the Year 1’s have been taking part in Parachute club.

What has been your favorite  club over the past year??

What have you enjoyed the most about them??

Have you learnt any new skills??

Were you lucky enough to win the medal??

Coach Matt

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6 Responses to Coach Matt’s After School Clubs

  1. Mrs Bevin says:

    My favourite club this year was football club. I love scoring goals and learning new skills. Thank you Coach Matt 🙂

  2. Mrs Bevin says:

    Parachute club is my favourite!! We get to have lots of fun and we get to play with our friends – Lodan 1B

  3. Mrs Bevin says:

    Football club is really good because you get to play as a team. My team won.
    James G 1B

  4. Mrs Bevin says:

    I like parachute club because we got to play the cat and mouse game. Its my favourite.
    Raissa 1B

  5. Jayden says:

    My favourite club that coach did is football club because I can learn new skills and we get to do competitions against other schools it is really fun.

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