PE & School Sport

Summer has finally arrived along with our brand new AstroTurf facility which Miss Harvey and the Governors have kindly spent a lot of money on.

Lunchtimes at Oxford Grove are filled jam packed with a variety of Sports and activities and its great to see so many children physically active.

On the AstroTurf and Grass the Year 5 and 6’s have been enjoying Cricket, Hockey and Football and on the playground the year 3 & 4’s have been enjoying Basketball, Tennis, Bouncy Hoppers, Skipping Ropes and Wall Climbing as well as many other playground games of their own.

We have even got our very own Referees and Match Officials courtesy of our Year 6’s.

Let’s hope this good weather continues so our sporty children can enjoy the best run lunchtimes in Bolton!!! 

If any children have specific sports they are wanting to play over the next few weeks then let Coach Matt know.

Coach Matt

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5 Responses to PE & School Sport

  1. besma says:

    I really enjoyed playing on the grass and the AstroTurf . 🙂

  2. humayra says:

    I love to play on the field. I love to play sports game with coach Mat. The games coach Mat plays with year 5 and 6 on the field is so fun to play. I love to play on the fied as I can play with my friends on the astroturf.

  3. 0272010jh says:

    I really enjoy are new patch of AstroTurf and I love all the activities on the field. Thank you Miss Harvey and Mrs Day for giving us the AstroTurf

  4. Kobie says:

    I really enjoy playing cricket on the field.

  5. Kobie says:

    I really enjoy playing on the AstroTurf and grass on the feild with the year 5’s at dinner times. There are fun activities like football on the grass and hockey and cricket on the AstroTurf. I had played all of these activities and guarantee they are fun. So far my favourite activity is cricket, what is your favourite activity?

    Thank you Mrs day & Mrs Harvey for the new patch of AstroTurf.

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