Pantomime – Beauty and the Beast


Our Smiley reward from the amazing Miss Harvey for all our super learning! Thank you we had so much fun!

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6 Responses to Pantomime – Beauty and the Beast

  1. Lydia says:

    The Smiley Award was spectacular everyone had fun. My favorite one part was when Lumiere would stop telling the beast to chill his beans. That was hallerious!!!!!

  2. Eshal says:

    Beauty and the beast.(singing). The smiley reward was the best wait not the best but imppecable . SO next time you can make the Pantomime Moana.

    Eshal 3T. THANK YOU for all the smiley rewards.

  3. Daniyal says:

    The smiley reward was a pantomime it was this year BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!my favorite part was when the people hi fived people.

  4. Olivia says:


  5. mahek says:

    Mahek told me i enjoyed so much i cant wait for another pantimine it was fantastic i really enjoyed it.I hope we have another one soon my big sister enjoyed too!

  6. mahek says:


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