What people are special and why?

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This week in our R.E lesson we talked about what people are special and why?

We talked about different special religious people and also people close to us like our families, teachers or even doctors.

Baqir “Allah is special to me”.

Harvey “MumĀ and Dad, Michael and Tilly”

Mrs Sharples “Mr Sharples, Owen, Megan and Jayjay”.

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3 Responses to What people are special and why?

  1. Miss Roberts says:

    Wow Reception, you have been having some great R.E discussions. I am very impressed! Keep up the super R.E work this year.

    Miss Roberts

  2. Nabeela shakeel says:

    Khirad was telling everyone about R.E and tellin everyone what to do

  3. Maria says:

    Eshaal said I love Madina , and my brother n mum dad very special to me

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