Christmas Show

This week, Years 3, 4 and 5 have performed their amazing Christmas show, ‘Superstar’!

They were fantastic, with wonderful singing and excellent acting. Well done to everybody involved in the production, and thank you to all the parents who could attend.


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Choir Christmas Performances

Today, Choir have performed Christmas songs outside for all of our parents and children.

They will be outside next Friday too – don’t miss it!

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Foundation Stage Christmas Show

Today, Foundation Stage have performed their amazing show, ‘A King Is Born’!

Well done to all the children and staff for working so hard on learning their songs and moving around the stage.

Some comments from our parents:

“Fantastic school, very happy mum!” – Daisy 

“Fab school. All my children have made amazing progress here and Alfie is doing amazingly.” – Alfie 

“Very impressed with all the services and extra support I receive. All teachers are very helpful. Couldn’t ask for better care for my children.” – Layton 

“This is a really good school.” – Ryan

“The school do so much for the children’s activities and plays. It’s a privilege to be a part of these things.” – Ava

“Beautiful performance. Thank you for your support.” – Aisha

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Smiley Reward – Pantomime

Today, the whole school has enjoyed a production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’!

It was very funny and exciting, with lots of songs for us all to join in with.

Well done to everybody who worked hard to earn their smileys so they could attend.

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Smiley Reward – the Farm

This week, the whole school has enjoyed seeing the animals at the farm!

There were lots of different animals to see, from chickens and ducks, to sheep and alpacas. The children all learned lots about the animals, how to look after them and where food comes from.

Every child who filled the front of their smiley card and who shows good behaviour in school was able to attend the smiley reward.

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Remembrance Day Workshops

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 have taken part in special Remembrance Day workshops today.

They used drama to re-enact experiences of the First World War and identify what it must have felt like to be a solider.


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Diwali Workshops

Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 have enjoyed some fantastic Diwali workshops today!

They learned about the story of Rama and Sita, which is celebrated by Hindus in Diwali. They used drama and dance to perform parts of the story, and discussed the meanings of symbols such as the candles.



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Bonfire Night Safety

We hope you all have a fantastic Bonfire Night and enjoy all the fireworks and fun!

Please remember to follow these rules and keep safe.

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Harvest Celebration!

On Wednesday we had a whole school assembly to celebrate Harvest. Mrs Bain told us why Harvest was important to Christians and how they celebrated it.

How do churches celebrate Harvest today?

Today, most U.K. churches have a Harvest Thanksgiving service. The church building may be decorated with a display of flowers and food, perhaps including a large loaf in the shape of a wheat sheaf. Often people bring more gifts of food to add to the display during the church service.Afterwards, the food will be sold to raise money for charity, or given directly to those in need. At harvest-time, the sharing of food helps Christians to remember that all good gifts come from God.

Lots of children donated food which was then given to people who were in need 🙂 Thank you to all the help and support from parents to help us celebrate this festival!

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Football Competition – Year 3 and 4

Well done to all children who took part in the football match ! You worked brilliantly as a team and won 3-0! Amazing! 

Thank you to all teachers and parents  that were able to come and support, especially in the rain 🙂 

Miss Stockton and Mr Neil. 


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