Our Christmas Show

Today we have performed our Christmas Show for all the adults. We were superstars.

All of the Foundation Stage staff are so proud of you all. Mrs Day also loved your singing. You have made so much progress this term! Well done.

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9 Responses to Our Christmas Show

  1. Amanda Anderton says:

    An amazing nativity we all enjoyed it so much and where very proud of all the children and thanks so much to the teachers for their hard work

  2. Alena says:

    I bet it is was so good the Christmas show I wish I was there watching the Christmas show with all those teeny weeny little children. I hope this year I do one Christmas Show.
    By Alena 3T

  3. Daniyal says:

    the Christmas show was good this year in nursery.

  4. Molly says:

    I wish I was there when they did the Christmas show because I bet they was really good. I bet the mums and dads where really proud of there children because of there lovely singing.

  5. 0272013ra says:

    My brother muneeb did hard.

  6. 0272013zs says:

    Rakeeb’s little brother worked hard!

  7. 0272013zs says:

    It was cool this year.

  8. Asma Ali says:

    Well done Aisha Ali you did a very good job and so did your class mates keep doing a great job!

  9. 0272013gp says:

    I wish I had seen it.
    Was it fun to do?

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