Spring 1 Activities

This half term, the Digital Leaders have worked in their classes and led eCadets sessions with their teachers and friends.

Our focus this half term has been on Screen Time and Online Friendships.

The classes enjoyed talking about how to be good friends online and how to enjoy their screen time, but also enjoy other fun activities away from screens.


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3 Responses to Spring 1 Activities

  1. Hayley ( Jacobs mum r2 ) says:

    Well done to all involved ! Making the Internet and school facilities safter for our children !

  2. Mia Cooper says:

    I really enjoyed when we did those activities we did in the afternoon in 4L we pasted Charlie bear around and said our worries if we had any. After we went round the whole class we said our achievements if we wanted to share them! I shared that I had no worries and my achievements were my gymnastics and swimming was going very well and my sport.

  3. 0272013gp says:

    Looks like great fun to me

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