Fun Food Chef

Today, the winners of our DT competition had their prize of an afternoon with the Fun Food Chef.

To win the competition, the children had to design and make a model of their house to display within school. The 15 winners were able to bring a family member in to participate in the Fun Food Chef workshop with them.

They all had a great time! Thank you to all the families who supported their children in the competition over half term, and especially to those family members who accompanied their children at the workshop this afternoon.

The Christie

This week we had a special assembly! We had a visitor from The Christie Hospital, which is a special hospital to treat people who are suffering from cancer.

Last year, our school council chose The Christie to raise money for. They organised several events to raise as much money as possible. During the assembly, we had the opportunity to present our visitor with the money we had raised. She was very impressed!

We also had a surprise when Christie Bear came in to say thank you!