Google Online Safety Assembly

We have been so lucky today to take part in a live Online Safety assembly for our school, led by Google Education! We talked about lots of different ways to keep safe online, including keeping personal information and passwords private, how to report content we are unhappy with online, and how to check if information or news online is real.

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8 Responses to Google Online Safety Assembly

  1. Alena says:

    I really enjoyed that assembly! It taught me a lot about online safety. When I got home I immediately went on to Interland. I really enjoyed that game. Did you guys enjoy the assembly??.

  2. 0272014ma1 says:

    I loved this his assembly because the game looked super fun

  3. 0272014fa says:

    I enjoyed the assembly because it was the first assembly that had a chat box.

  4. 0272014zg says:

    i really enjoyed watching this assembly and listeningto what they said it ws a realy fun experience!

  5. Alena says:

    I also enjoyed Interland. On Friday we played it and it is so much fun! It isn’t JUST a game it also helps you understand Online Safety.

  6. Aleksandr says:

    This assembly was very cool(even though I missed most of it because I’m a sibling link.

  7. Aleksandr says:

    Inter land is the best game for learning how to keep safe on the internet.

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