National School Grounds Day

Every year schools across the UK celebrate National School Grounds Week. This year, the week begins on the 10th June through to the 14th! It’s a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the amazing school grounds we have at Oxford Grove! 

Today in KS2, we went outdoors to explore our own school grounds and looked at the different equipment that we have. Then we discussed what we would have in our own playgrounds if we could design one.

What would you have in your school grounds if you could design one?

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5 Responses to National School Grounds Day

  1. 0272013gp says:

    Wow so cool! If I could design one I would prolly have a football pitch and lots of shade for the hot days. Hope your all having fun! Stay home stay safe.

  2. Hina says:

    That’s amazing if I could have my own playground I would have a slide and a obstacle course

  3. 0272013hs says:

    This looks like a really fun lesson

  4. Eesa says:

    I have made a something similar than you guys. It was fun! 🙂

    By Eesa

  5. 0272014wh says:

    This looks very very fun and joy able

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