World Ocean Day and A Very Special treat

Today we learnt about the oceans on our planet. We talked about the different temperatures and animals that live in the sea.

We labelled the different oceans around the world on a map.

After this we created our very own worry monsters! We will tell our monsters any worries we may have or things that make us feel sad during these strange times.

Why do you try and make your own worry monster?

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5 Responses to World Ocean Day and A Very Special treat

  1. Danar says:

    I think the idea of making a monster to speak to when were sad is a great idea

  2. Sumayya says:

    Great job, and yes I will try to make my own worry monster.

  3. Ewelina Saidi says:

    What a lovely pictures brrrrr I’m little scared of this all worry monsters…

  4. 0272017kp says:

    I love your worry monsters because they can suck your worry’s away.

  5. Hina says:

    I love this idea it’s so cool ! I also really like the worry monsters they look great and they can help you with your worries.

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