Project update

Today our key worker children have been busy working on our new project.

We spent the morning thinking about all the wonderful people who have helped us during these tricky times. We all chose one job that we were most thankful for and wrote a paragraph to explain our choices.

We then made our own mask to represent that job including lots of key photos that relate to the job.

In the afternoon we painted our paper mache project as a rainbow.

Which key worker are you most thankful for and why?


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4 Responses to Project update

  1. Danar says:

    The mask look great and Iam must thankful for the NHS.

  2. Eesa says:

    I would like to thank every single key workers for what they do.:)

  3. Sumayya says:

    Amazing work! I love the giant rainbow that some of you made! I also love all of the mask you made. The designs look fantastic. Keep it up! Stay home! Stay safe!

    From Sumayya

  4. Husnain-Ali says:

    These look absolutely amazing those masks are very creative

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