National Thank a Teacher Day

Thanks to all our super teachers, TAs and every member of our fantastic staff, from our amazing children!

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4 Responses to National Thank a Teacher Day

  1. 0272014bm says:

    I would like to thank Mrs Morris for helping me in my maths and English lessons .

    Thank a teacher day is when you can thank any teacher that you want. E.g it could be your class teacher or it could be a teacher that helps you in any lessons. It is very kind to thank a teacher that helps you . E.g you could write a letter to a teacher or you could write one on the computer .

    Remember to thank a teacher and stay safe.

  2. 0272014wh says:

    I would like to thank every single teacher in the school because they have worked so hard and tried their best at their teaching!!!!

    Which teacher would you thank ???

  3. Alena says:

    I would like to thank Miss Jarvis for teaching me a lot of Year 6 Maths and English! But I would also like to thank every teacher in our school because while we have been in lockdown they have been coming here and teaching the children who have to stay here.

  4. Ewelina Saidi says:

    Aisha would like to thank miss Lord as she helps Aisha even though the circumstances are peculiar. Thank you!

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