Celebrating VE Day

This year, on Friday the 8th of May, the whole of the United Kingdom will be celebrating VE day (Victory in Europe Day).

But what is VE day?

VE day marks the official end of WW2 – it was the day which the allies announced that Germany had surrendered meaning they had won the war! This happened on Tuesday 8th May 1945 which was 75 years ago! So we are celebrating 75 years since Britain officially won the war!

Remembering the War and the heroes that fought for us is incredibly important as so many people sacrificed so much for all of us…

In year 6 we learn all about WW2 – which is something to look forward to learning about!!

Bolton Museum 

Bolton library and museum are asking people to celebrate VE day in all sorts of different ways online whilst staying safe at home:

They’ve come up with lots of different ideas daily that you could do! You can even¬†send in your journal/ diary entries or pictures of your lockdown experience so that in years to come future generations can see what your lives were like.

Please go to https://www.boltonlams.co.uk/ for more information!

Home Learning Packs

Another fab resource which you can use are these home learning packs which has even more fab activities:


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3 Responses to Celebrating VE Day

  1. 0272013zg says:

    I can’t wait for VE day to come because I will be extremely happy to see that people will still be celebrating this day with different ways than the usual ways they celebrate it in this time!

  2. 0272013fd says:

    I can’t believe that it is VE Day! I am extremely happy about today and I hope all the people who fought in the war are proud of themselves. I hope everyone will remember those who fought in the war and those who lost their lives for us to win the war.

  3. 0272014wh says:

    It was really really good to see everybody enjoying VE day!!!!!

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