Thank you, Morrisons!

We were so lucky today to get a special delivery from Morrisons!

Our local Morrisons at Atlas Mills have brought our keyworker children some special treats – fruit, Easter eggs and cakes to decorate!

They even brought in some tea and biscuit treats for our staff!

Thank you so much – we really appreciate it!

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6 Responses to Thank you, Morrisons!

  1. amanda worthington says:

    This is lovely x
    Well deserved

  2. LYNNE HOBIN says:

    That’s absolutely brilliant. Well done Morrisons. Missing you all. xxx

  3. 0272013ss1 says:

    Thank you Morrison’s we really appreciate all of the fresh fruit and Easter eggs that you have sent us.Thank you so much

  4. Jacob Olujobi says:

    Thank you Morrison’s for fruit, water, tea, Easter eggs and much more.

  5. 0272015jo says:

    Thank you Morrisons for the delicious Easter eggs ,fruits and the Jaffa cakes, tea and coffee for the staff.

  6. Eesa says:

    Thank you Morrisons For doing your job by delivering food and packing it. Thank you. 🙂

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