Safer Internet Day!

This morning we had a whole school assembly all about being safe online. We revisited our knowledge on setting all our privacy settings to high, telling an adult if we see something online that we don’t like, not sharing personal details online or any personal pictures. We also reminded ourselves that not everything on the internet is true!

Then, we looked at our identity online and what this means. We can still keep safe online by not putting our personal picture as our avatar, choosing a username that doesn’t include our name and not writing personal information about ourselves or our friends online. Finally we reminded ourselves that we need to talk to a trusted adult about if we don’t feel safe online!

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2 Responses to Safer Internet Day!

  1. 0272013gp says:

    I learnt so much about staying safe online. Thank you miss Thompson

  2. Thomas says:

    I learnt a lot in this assembly. If people see your face on social media, and later see you in real life, you might not know them, but they know what you look like. This could cause them to do something dangerous to you. Use an avatar or a picture of your pet, since a lot of pets look alike. Even if you post a picture of your house, people who have walked past your house will know where it is and possibly tell their friends your address and everyone will know where you live. Do not post any personal information about yourself or any one else.

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